Artist and Aromatherapist together at last šŸ˜‰

Artist Statement

I love nature, I love to draw people and nature, and I love to experience nature, specifically for its magnificent complex healing qualities.

The way nature plays out in my life is through being in nature, art-making, and essential oils. In many ways, they complement each other. Art gives me a full and meaningful life, while being in nature, healthy living, and essential oils maintain my health and well being while keeping me joyful and bright.

I like to make art that lies somewhere between Fine Arts and Design. I like to think about the human condition especially the organic and biological. My work straddles both the graphic character of design combined with the more thought-provoking nature of the fine arts. I try to create work where the viewer can have the opportunity to see the world in a different or new way where the viewer can be inspired and gives the viewer both pleasure and the excitement of creativity.

My subject matter is often things from the natural world. I am just as comfortable drawing someoneā€™s portrait as I am drawing a leaf. My subject matter often dictates my material choice and approach. Sometimes this approach includes making essential oil blends to suit a person’s needs and finding the correct material to describe something visually. My love for experimenting with materials matches my desire to create something that is formally beautiful and considered.

Visually my end goal is to create a work that the viewer can be inspired by. I want people to see the interconnectedness of our world and experience the spiritually of nature.

I think it is the human condition to want to be in nature and ultimately that gives me the basic foundations to explore and create with my work.


My goals are to share and educate in the personal use of essential oils. Using only safe, pure, potent and effective third-party tested essential oils in all products. I gained my Holistic Aromatherapy Degree from Langara College BC Canada, 2001. I love to teach people how to take autonomy over their own health and life using these gifts of the earth and avoid trips to the store to purchase items that only work for one ailment and may even have side effects.

I personally use dōTERRA oils because I have found through over 20 years of experience that they areĀ  consistently the most effective oils. These oils are also close to my heart because of the way they are sourced, directly from small farmers. Every single batch of oil is tested with over 54 different lab tests including Carbon Dating tests! and the results of the tests from a third party lab are publicly available for each batch of oil.

These oils will be the start of a completely new relationship with your body, your health, global community and our earth. They are versatile tools, they stimulate and support our body’s natural ability to health and restoration.

These natural health solutions areĀ safe, cheaper andĀ supportĀ at least 80%Ā of our daily health needs, leaving the 20% other medicines and emergencies.

I support clients throughout learning how to use these oils safely for themselves and their families saving time and money for anyone.

Aromatically and holistically, my goal is always to find tools that support the body to heal itself.

Certification from 2020: certificate-of-completion-doterra-essential-oil-specialist-certification