For those who have not yet started using dōTERRA oils. These oils will be the start of a completely new relationship with your body, your health, global community and our earth. These pure aromatic compounds are versatile tools, they stimulate and support our body’s natural ability to health and restoration.  ☀️ They are life changing!

Why Choose dōTERRA Essential Oils video

I am talking about incredible gifts of the earth – These ESSENTIAL OILS Will be the start of a completely new relationship with your body and your health, at least. Our body is incredible at healing itself. When given the tools our body needs it accelerates to heal itself.

I am excited to introduce you to doTERRA. the most conscientious, transparent and ethical essential oils company I have come across in over 20 years of using essential oils and as a certified holistic aromatherapist.

This is were as a business model, doTERRA’s brilliance shines. doTERRA’s seven CEO’s are a team of innovators with 150+ years experience combined in the industry experience. have great vision. They already knew they had a great product. But creating a business model that strongly incentivizes synergy and collaboration among business partners, where individuals are supported by a welcoming community, and encouraged to Empower themselves on each and everyone’s own path. doTERRA is an authentic direct selling company. doTERRA’s customer retention rate is over 65%. doTERRA was named the largest and most trusted essential oil company in the world by Verify Markets. doTERRA is part of $3.4 trillion wellness market. doTERRA’s sells in over 110 countries. doTERRA has a unique and unrivaled quality products, 98% of doTERRA oils are exclusive. doTERRA is dept free. doTERRA is people centered; doTERRA pays growers fairly and preserves agricultural knowledge though Co-Impact Sourcing , micro-loans and more. doTERRA gives back to communities through the Healing Hands Foundation. (learn more: sourcetoyou.com) Your Finances, Anyone has the opportunity to participate. You don’t need a special degree or certification. Weather you would like to have your natural health care paid for, supplement your income, or replace your income. doTERRA’s compensation plan is the same for everyone, there are no different compensation for different people – its the same for everyone, and a great vehicle to create lasting income while incentivizing synergy and collaboration among business partners – creating a work life harmony with relationships and strong lasting community.

How to Order dōTERRA Essential Oils:

shortcut to starter kit links: linktr.ee/sofia_ferrari

You have two options to get essential oils + natural health products – you can buy oils retail through the shop option, or you can become a wholesale customer. I recommend a Wholesale Account to anyone who finds $100 or more worth of products they would buy in a full year – As the membership would pay for itself (and more) through the wholesale membership. Wholesale Account works just like an online healthy Amazon or Costco – you shop whenever you’d like with everything at Wholesale Cost (25% off!).  (this only a wholesale account and doesn’t mean you’re doing the business!).
  1. Click here!
  2. Click “Become a Member” in the top menu
  3. Choose your Region and Language and click “Continue”
  4. Choose the Membership option that is best for you (all kits wave Membership fee!).
  1. Review your order or Add Products: Review your order
  2. Enter your shipping & payment info, and click “Continue”
  3. Choose “Wholesale Customer” and click “Continue”
  4. Once your payment processes, you’ll be asked whether you want to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program order (LRP).This is a voluntary monthly ordering system that you have complete control and flexibility with (there are no obligations) and you will love LRP for the free product it brings you. A wholesale customer one can opt into collecting points for free products through our optional Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), an additional 10% – 30% back in points on what you buy!  Yay,  F r e e  stuff – products at 55% off or more!! Here is an overview of the LRP.
  5. Once you’ve ordered, you will receive a personal email from me! I will be your resource, so you will know how to best use these oils for yourself and your family! 🙂I can offer loads of recipes, education and a spectacular oil community when you get your kit. 😊I offer a free individual or group initial consultation to find out what your top health priorities are (Group consultations are usually in casual learning with friends or family), over the phone, video conference or in person if it is an option.I give a gift for any referrals who turn into customers! make sure to let me know who referred you! 🙂

Starter collections:

What is a Wellness Advocate account?  If you are interested in making  extra cash or starting or adding to your wellness business contact me so I can share important information! – I highly recommend experiencing the oils Before recommending them to others 🙂 Here are the enrollment kits flyers:  CAN kit PDF US Kits. European Kits. UK Kits. Australian Kits. New Zealand Kits. (Prices are in Australian dollars) Phillipines If you don’t want a kit but want a couple oils the first time annual membership is $42 CAN / $35 USD (repeat membership is $30 CAN and traditionally comes with a free 15ml Peppermint oil value of $35 CAN retail). The starter kits Wave the membership fee! Setting up your LRP order. Select a date preferably before the 15th of next month (you’ll receive a FREE oil from dōTERRA if your order reaches 125PV or more), select your oils, and enter your payment details one more time. Please note: your credit card will NOT be processed until the date you’ve selected for shipping. Please note: you do need to go in and change your order each month 24hours BEFORE the processing date that you have set this way you will receive exactly what you want rather than a duplicate order. Need some ideas? Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 12.06.11 PM If you want to read science reports on any of the oils there are some amazing research, clinical trials etc blog Molecular Docking research dōTERRA Healthcare – Prime Meridian https://pmhclinics.com/   eBook: dōTERRA Essential Oil Chemistry Handbook Roseman University https://www.roseman.edu/2018/10/03/roseman-university-researchers-study-doterra-essential-oils/ Kim MJ, Yang KW, Kim SS, Park SM, Park KJ, Kim KS, Choi YH, Cho KK, Hyun CG. “Chemical composition and anti-inflammation activity of essential oils from Citrus unshiu flower.” Nat Prod Commun. 2014 May;9(5):727-30. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/profiles/results/directory/profile/0015326/kwang-kim Studies done by https://aromaticplant.org/publications
APRC – Aromatic Plant Research CenterThe Aromatic Plant Research Center is a state of the art laboratory that is proud to guarantee the purity of essential oils.aromaticplant.org
Boswellia (Frankincense) https://aromaticplant.org/assets/chem-variation-in-eo-from-oleo-gum-resin-of-boswellia-carteri.pdf Curcuma (Turmeric) https://aromaticplant.org/assets/curcuma-review-publication.pdf  – Dr. Noura Dosoky, PH.D. essential oil authentication specifically on lavender  https://aromaticplant.org/assets/lavender-authentication.pdf
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