Empower your Life through,

Transforming your Health

Transforming Possibilities for your Finances

Transforming Way of Life


Your Health,

I am talking about incredible gifts of the earth – THESE ESSENTIAL OILS Will be the start of a completely new relationship with your body and your health, at least.

Our body is incredible at healing itself. When given the tools our body needs it accelerates to heal itself.

I am excited to introduce you to doTERRA. the most conscientious, transparent and ethical essential oils company I have come across in over 20 years of using essential oils.

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Your Life,

Living an Empowered life is about using the experiences and skills you have to create what you want and take charge of your life – transforming your health, your finances, your relationships, and all aspects of your life.

What are you passionate about?

What brings you joy?

What do you enjoy spending your time doing?

Without creating a vision for your life, you end up standing still.

Vision without Action 
is a Daydream.
Action without Vision
is a Nightmare!

Japanese Proverb

This is were as a business model, doTERRA’s brilliance shines. doTERRA’s seven CEO’s are a team of innovators with 150+ years experience combined in the industry experience. have great vision. They already knew they had a great product. But creating a business model that strongly incentivizes synergy and collaboration among business partners, where individuals are supported by a welcoming community, and encouraged to Empower themselves on each and everyone’s own path. doTERRA is an authentic direct selling company. doTERRA’s customer retention rate is over 65%. doTERRA was named the largest and most trusted essential oil company in the world by Verify Markets. doTERRA is part of $3.4 trillion wellness market. doTERRA’s sells in over 110 countries. doTERRA has a unique and unrivaled quality products, 98% of doTERRA oils are exclusive. doTERRA is dept free. doTERRA is people centered; doTERRA pays growers fairly and preserves agricultural knowledge though Co-Impact Sourcing , micro-loans and more. doTERRA gives back to communities through the Healing Hands Foundation. (learn more: sourcetoyou.com)

Your Finances,

Anyone has the opportunity to participate. You don’t need a special degree or certification.

Weather you would like to have your natural health care paid for, supplement your income, or replace your income.

doTERRA’s compensation plan is the same for everyone, there are no different compensation for different people – its the same for everyone, and a great vehicle to create lasting income while incentivizing synergy and collaboration among business partners – creating a work life harmony with relationships and strong lasting community.

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