About Me

Sofia Ferrari is an abstract and figure multimedia artist living with her husband who is also an artist, three teenagers and her dog. She paints out of her home studio in Halifax, NS Canada. With a life-long love for the visual arts, Sofia had grown from a toddler’s obsession with making things from rocks and dirt and crayons to floral design for 8 years in her young adult life, working in the corporate world and balancing her role as a mother and going back to creating art with her hands again. Her work reflects her appreciation for life and philosophical way of thinking inspired by the human form and nature’s landscapes surrounding her and letting her imagination fill in the blanks.

My Story

Sofia was born into a family of visually creative people on both sides, her parents, aunts and uncles and grandmother. Her mother went to l’école des beaux-arts. Her father’s visual creativity mostly came out in building wooden boats and an uncanny ability to create accurate drafts for boat designs. Sofia’s grandmother, Maria-Angela Tapies Ferrari, sold her designs for years to designers including Yves Saint Laurent. Her uncle, Antoni Tàpies, was a famous Catalan Spanish painter, sculptor and art theorist and her aunt was art professor at Concordia university in Montreal. As far as she can remember she has been drawing, painting and creating multimedia sculptures. As a child she was offered lessons from an artist who saw talent in her. At 8 years old Sofia studied under a professional artist who taught her university level techniques that she still uses to this day. Sofia continued to learn and create in and out of school. Sofia attended North Island College on Vancouver Island Canada and NSCAD university in Halifax Canada.

More About Me

As a child I would observe an illustration or a microcosm of nature such as, colourful lights shining through raindrops on a window pane, a piece of bark, a stone that fascinated me, moss, grass and many other things in my gazing I would travel through what I was viewing and discovering all it had to offer, absorbing the story that would come into my mind. Sometimes I would imagine an adventure in that particular place. In my head, I would see stories along the ridge of the stone cracks, the adventurer having to scale its precipice, then float off on their boat and bark into the land of lush green moss.


My works are imagined landscapes and maps for my miniature adventure.


I tell stories in abstract leaving the adventure to the viewers mind and imagination.


“You cannot help but let your imagination run looking at Sofia Ferrari’s paintings.”- 

Still Life, statue with pears

Made at eight years old. Watercolour on paper.

First Self Portrait

Eight year old me

First Still Life of potted plant

watercolour on paper.

Made at eight years old